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Will Nidhi Shah aka Kinjal leave Anupama?

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Actress Nidhi Shah, better known by her screen name Kinjal, is now receiving a lot of attention. It has been reported that Nidhi Shah, who plays a significant part in Anupamaa, would leave the program. Nidhi has not, however, made an official announcement that she is quitting Anupamaa.

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Is Nidhi Shah leaving Anupamaa?

On the rumors that she was leaving the program, Nidhi Shah spoke frankly. The actress denied claims that she has left Anupama. In an interview, Nidhi said that she wanted to explore a variety of roles and didn't want her fans to simply be familiar with her through Kinjal's character. Kinjal of Anupama loves her character and is happy with the writers. She went on to say that She is young and is trying to develop herself. She has no reservations about seeking out new possibilities and hopes that her fans will like every role she plays in the future.

Anupama fame Kinjal aka Nidhi Shah will leave Anupama
Will Nidhi Shah aka Kinjal leave Anupama?

Latest news in Anupama serial

The emotional impact of the most recent episodes has kept viewers engaged. Family members are worried about Vanraj and Anuj. Anuj also wakes up but it is shown that his condition worsens, while Vanraj regains consciousness and is slowly recovering. When Vanraj wakes up, he recalls how Anuj stumbled and fell, but he cannot recall if he was the one who pushed him.

Barkha has started arguing in the hospital in the tv show Anupama. She has claimed that Vanraj has pushed Anuj down the cliff. Barkha declares that she would report Vanraj Shah to the police. With this, she also threatens to put everyone who supports Vanraj Shah in prison.

Who will resolve this situation? Will Anupama get to know the truth?

Stay tuned with Anupama to know more.

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