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MC Stan in Bigg Boss 16 is the Richest Rapper in India

India’s biggest and most controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 16, is live on Colors TV. The audience enjoys the energy MC Stan brings to the show. Salman Khan and his banter on the weekend about his 1.5 crore chain, his bond with Abdu, and much more are really fun to watch.

Here on Kraze, we will describe how MC Stan rose from the slums to become the richest rapper in India at the age of 23.

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Bigg Boss 16 contestant MC Stan
Rapper MC Stan in Bigg Boss 16

About MC Stan

MC Stan is the stage name of Altaf Shaikh, who hails from Pune. At the age of 12, he started performing Qawaali, but after switching to rapping, he saw a lot of fame and made huge money. Initially, his mother was not supportive of his career choices, but later she approved of the same.

MC Stan's net worth

MC Stan is one of the richest rappers in India. He got famous through his song Wata, which has nearly 21 million views on Youtube, and he has around 3 million followers on Instagram. MC Stan earns around 5-6 million a month considering his shows and brand promotions. He loves to spend his money on shoes and clothes, and therefore his video boasting about his 80 thousand shoes(Assi hazaar ka jhoota hai, tera ghar jayenge isme) went viral on social media. He has a snake chain and multiple other diamond and platinum chains worth crores. He revealed his mother brought Rs.70,000 worth of television to watch Bigg Boss 16 and witness MC Stan’s journey in the show.

The Popular Song of MC Stan

Two of his well-known albums, Insaan and Tadipaar, have received wide praise from the audience. Over 35 million people have watched his song Khuja Mat on YouTube, and the well-known tune Aastaghfirullah completely changed his life. His diss rap battle with Emiway Bantai is a popular and controversial song amongst young people. Due to the abusive lyrics used by MC Stan, he was often criticised by some parts of the audience. Reportedly, he has anger issues which he releases through his songs.

MC Stan’s controversy

Rapper MC Stan’s life is full of controversy on both the professional and personal front. He was accused by his ex-girlfriend, Auzma Shaikh, of sending men to assault her. In March, after their breakup, MC Stan leaked her address, and after that, she received rape threats from his followers. Later, Auzma leaked MC Stan’s address too and as per the reports she was assaulted by some men and suffered a lot of injuries. She claimed that those men were sent by MC Stan. Apart from this, another controversy that came into the limelight was his diss rap battle with Emiway Bantai. It would be ideal to say that he is not only famous for his songs but for his controversies too.

At such a young age, he is one of the greatest self-made people in the nation and inspires many of his followers, and this is something we need to appreciate him for.

Journey of MC Stan in the Bigg Boss 16 House

From day one, MC Stan brought a different vibe to the show. Bigg Boss 16 contestants were amazed by his behaviour and the way he spoke. In the initial days, he had a rift with Gautam Vig. Nevertheless, he was seen sharing a great bond with Abdu Rozik, Shiv, and Gori Nagori. MC Stan seems to be missing his mother and girlfriend Booba (the way he refers to her) in some of the episodes, but we saw Abdu Rozik supporting his friend in this tough time, which was a great gesture by Abdu. In one of the recent Bigg Boss 16 episodes, Sreejita was seen using the statement ‘Standardless’ for Gori Nagori which MC Stan couldn’t handle, and the rapper stood strong with Gori and fought for his friend. However, he later clarified that he wanted to clear some of the controversies in the show during his interaction with Salman Khan and that his motive to participate in Bigg Boss 16 was to detox from the outside world.

Let's see whether MC Stan can clear up the past accusations made against him or if he'll get involved in a fresh controversy.

Do you think MC Stan can make it to the finale? Let us know in the comments.

Stay tuned with Kraze for more such updates.

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