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Written update of Imlie: Cheeni is abducted

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Imlie has performed well on the TRP charts since its release. The audience adores Aryan and Imlie's chemistry and now Cheeni and Aryan's friendship has gained attention too. Cheeni's constant efforts to bring Imlie and Aryan together have resulted in Aryan getting closer to Imlie. Meanwhile, Malini is always cooking up plans to throw Imlie and Cheeni out of the house.

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Written episode of imlie - 27th August 2022

Imlie calls Cheeni for pooja and discovers that she is missing. Everyone becomes concerned and searches for her while Aryan checks the CCTV footage. Imlie gets outraged and commands her to stop talking after listening to the accusation of Malini’s mom that Cheeni has stolen Malini's gifted golden Bal Gopal idol and sold it. Imlie claims she has been quiet for the past 6.5 years, but not any longer. Malini warns her to be more careful but Imlie tells her to be quiet instead. Imlie and others are shown CCTV footage by Aryan where Cheeni is clearly stealing the idol, according to Anu. Imlie yells at Anu again. Aryan warns Anu that he considers Cheeni's insult to be his own and that his furiousness will fall heavily on Anu. Meanwhile, Cheeni is kidnapped and taken to a warehouse, where she is tied to a chair.

Cheeni is kidnapped by Malini
Cheeni is kidnapped

Aryan files a missing person report but according to the protocol, the police cannot take any action for 24 hours. After listening to this, Aryan abruptly disconnects the phone call. Anu still believes the gold idol was stolen by Cheeni. Further, Malini receives a phone call and she is relieved that her goons did their job and that Cheeni will not return. Imlie grabs her phone and inquires as to why she appears tense. Malini claims she was watching CCTV footage and that Anu is correct about Cheeni stealing the idol. Imlie watches the footage again and informs Aryan that Cheeni is being kidnapped by unknown people.

Cheeni runs away from the goons and begs Bal Gopal/Kanhaiya bhaiya to save her. Aryan searches for Cheeni in his car and Imlie requests that he should drive slowly. Imlie locates Cheeni's GPS coordinates and directs Aryan and then dials Cheeni's number. Cheeni notices Imlie's phone and picks it up. The Goons grab the phone, disconnect the call, throw it away and drive Cheeni somewhere else.

Upcoming story of Imlie

The upcoming episode will feature a dream sequence in which Imlie confesses her love for Aryan, leaving him speechless and stunned.

Stay tuned with Kraze to find out more about Imlie. Also Read: Anupama Written Episode update: Anuj regrets that his own brother cheated on him

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