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Fans suggest swapping Bigg Boss 16 as ‘Shalin Ka Show’!

All hell broke loose online after last night's show when Bigg Boss yelled "Cut the crap" at Shalin. Many fans voiced their rage and believed Shalin was being cornered, but others found it humorous since such language was used for the first time during the course of the show.

However, this is probably not the first time this has happened this season. Shalin Bhanot has taken the brunt of 'Bigg Boss' and the show's host Salman Khan's wrath throughout the course of the last month since the show premiered.

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Shalin Bhanot in Bigg Boss 16
Fans suggest swapping Bigg Boss 16 as ‘Shalin Ka Show’!


This was the first time this season that a contestant's private consultation with a doctor was broadcast, followed by a fuss about Shalin's mental health. Also, it was clearly seen in the show that Soundarya Sharma repeatedly asks for vegan-free cuisine on camera, but when the same request was made by Shalin Bhanot, he was called to the confession room and given a hard time regarding his need for the chicken to meet his nutritional needs. Like every Bigg Boss 16 contestant, his demands regarding his diet were already specified to the producers before signing up for the competition. Despite this, he is continuously humiliated in the show just for the sake of food.

Fans have once more criticised the producer being jeopardized, yet it is impossible to overlook Shalin being singled out and having his patience tried. The actor, who practices non-violence, has received several insults for his lack of aggression, and to make matters worse, Bigg Boss bestowed the fake title upon him in front of his other companions for doing nothing more than reaching out to Gautam following the eviction hoax.

Bigg Boss or Shalin ka Show?

Many viewers believe the show should be called "Shalin ka Show" because he is continuously getting criticism not only from the contestants but also from Bigg Boss himself. He is, undoubtedly, the center of attention at the moment and deserves this title.

We wonder if the producers are depending on the actor and going above and beyond to showcase his best performance possible or if they are just being partial to him. Eventually, only time will tell if Shalin blooms or collapses under such pressure.

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