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Breakdown of Contestants in Bigg Boss 16 house

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Bigg Boss 16 is finally live on Colors TV and Voot, and the fans are super excited for the new season. A lot of alterations, twists, and turns are being introduced in Bigg Boss 16. The contenders have already started to argue and are giving unstoppable entertainment to their viewers from the very first day.

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Breakdown of Contestants in Bigg Boss 16 house
Sumbul to leave the show?

In the game of entertainment, Bigg Boss himself did not stay behind and started giving surprises to all the contestants from Day 1. BB first changed the wake-up song tradition, which used to be the show's tradition for 15 years. Afterward, the nomination process took a new turn when Bigg Boss instructed the contestants to just nominate the candidate without giving any reason and even punished those who did so.

Bigg Boss has added a new twist, dividing the previously equal amounts of food and supplies for each competitor into four separate rooms, each of which will have its own unique ration rack. The fight over the ration has already divided the entire home.

For some participants, it is expected and fun while for some, the situation is becoming a little more challenging. Sumbul Touqueer is certainly the latter one.

Sumbul Touqeer Khan is a well-liked actor and one of the youngest to enter the Bigg Boss house of madness. It looks like the pressure of Bigg Boss 16 might be getting a little unbearable for this talented actor. Sumbul sobbed and had many minor breakdowns on Day 6. Sumbul, who is quite young, felt extremely disrespected since she thought that she was being overlooked and is unable to make connections because of her age difference from other contestants.

She started crying in front of Gori Nagori and Sajid Khan, who comforted her and asked her to take some inspiration from Abdu Rozik, who certainly has many more challenges like the age gap, language issues, and physical disabilities, which are important factors to sustain in Bigg Boss 16 House. She, however, acknowledged Sajid Khan but later broke down in front of Shalin Bhanot, a close friend of hers. Shalin gently explained to her that although there had been rumours tying the two of them, she should not pay attention to them and stay strong in the game, to which Sumbul replied, “Maybe I am not made for this show." Everyone thinks I am a kid, and maybe I will never be able to fit into the show. I had this fear even before I entered the show. "

Can this emotional breakdown of Sumbul lead to her exit from the Bigg Boss house or make her stronger? Do let us know in the comments below.

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