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  • Neayaati Singh

5 most controversial fights in the history of Bigg Boss.

There is no doubt that Bigg Boss is considered one of the most controversial reality shows on Indian Television, and for obvious reasons. Every season the show introduces us to the offscreen faces of various celebrities. These Bigg Boss contestants indulge in tasks and day-to-day activities, in turn raising the show’s TRP. While performing these tasks, sometimes they also get into quite ugly fights and they make the show even more controversial.

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Bigg Boss Contestants Pooja Mishra and Shonali Nagrani controversial fight.
Pooja Mishra vs Shonali Nagrani

“Pooja, what is this behavior?” This is one of the most famous fights of Bigg Boss which recently again went viral on the internet. You might not be in touch with Bigg Boss, but there is no way you might have missed out on this pop-culture trending heat-up. During this fight, Pooja Mishra is seen kicking and smashing things around and threatening to hit Sonali. The fight started over Pooja kicking a dustbin while Sonali was cleaning and got aggravated by some amount of violence.


Bigg Boss Contestants Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde controversial fight.
Hina Khan vs Shilpa Shinde

Bigg Boss 11’s 1st runner up Hina Khan has had quite some spiteful moments with co-contestant and season 11 winner, Shilpa Shinde. Their fights mostly being centered around, Hina lashing out at Shilpa for using tap water for cooking and calling her unhygienic, Shilpa claiming to be treated like a servant by Hina, Hina calling Shilpa a ‘chawl-girl’ and accusing her of not performing, and Shilpa smashing Hina’s ‘Sher Khan cup. Their fights got very ugly while in the house, and their rivalry seemed to continue even after the end of the season.


Bigg Boss Contestants Dolly Bindra and Manoj Tiwari controversial fight.
Dolly Bindra vs Manoj Tiwari

One of the biggest hits in the history of Bigg Boss was the Dolly Bindra and Manoj Tiwari fight sequence. The argument started over Manoj wanting eggs for breakfast and soon escalated to one of the most iconic Bigg Boss statements’ “Baap pe mat jaana”. It was a huge showdown on Dolly’s part and till date creates spurs on all social media platforms.


Bigg Boss Contestants Siddharth Shukla and Rashmi Desai controversial fight.
Siddharth Shukla vs Rashmi Desai

Season 13 winner Siddharth Shukla gave the audience a lot of content and entertainment during his time in the Bigg Boss house. All the same, he also got into quite some fights in the house. One of his most controversial fights was against his ITV co-star Rashmi Desai which began over Rashmi intervening between Siddharth and Asim’s heated conversation. A few statements from the combat which stayed with the viewers were Rashmi’s, “tere ghar mein kaisi ladkiya hoti hai?” and in return Shukla’s’ “tere jaisi toh nahi”.


Bigg Boss Contestants Swami Om, Rohan Mehra and Bani J controversial fight.
Swami Om vs Rohan Mehra and Bani J

Late Bigg Boss contestant Swami Om was a commoner in the season 10 house and one of the most controversial contestants till date. The sequence which led to his forced eviction was him throwing his pee on no-contestants Rohan Mehra and Bani J amidst a given task. Following this, Bigg Boss himself asked Swami Om to leave the house. He did not comply with the orders and the security was forced to lead him out of the house.

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