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Bigg Boss 16 Second Elimination: Manya Singh was shown an exit path

Manya Singh, former Miss India Runner-up, got evicted from Bigg Boss 16 on October 25th, 2022 (Monday). Karan Johar hosted this Weekend ka Vaar as Salman Khan got affected by dengue. Manya was announced as Miss India Runner-up in Femina Miss India 2020, after which she became famous because of how she grew despite the struggles.

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Manya Singh - Bigg Boss 16 contestant
Manya Singh from Bigg Boss 16

Manya Singh was nominated along with Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer, and because they are television personalities, she feels it was an "unfair" eviction for her. After her eviction, Sumbul and Shalin were seen celebrating, whereas Manya’s friend Gori was quite upset about the eviction. Sajid commented on her exit, " Chalo ek Jan ka khana bach gya."

Manya’s Journey in Bigg Boss 16

Manya was seen as a very fearless and strong contender during her entry at the premiere of the show, but her fire seemed to be vanishing at the start of the show itself. We have seen her small fights with Archana and Priyanka, which couldn’t help her much to gain popularity amongst the audience. This weekend, Manya and Soundarya had a big fight regarding Manya’s claims about Gautam and Soundarya’s relationship in the Bigg Boss house. She was also tagged as an invisible contestant along with Sumbul by the other housemates and was told to wear the black mask for a day, after which she was nominated by Bigg Boss. In a recent interview, Manya said that she was just playing with honesty and she is not that person who would unnecessarily blabber for screen space. She claimed that due to Sumbul and Shalin's considerable fan base, she was mentally prepared for her eviction.

Manya’s bond with Abdu Rozik and MC Stan

Since Day 1 of Bigg Boss Season 16, Manya was seen as a reserved contestant and was not much interactive with others in the house. Salman Khan also mentioned on Weekend ka Vaar that she needs to be more active to stay longer in the house. Despite her reserved nature, she used to share a great bond with Abdu Rozik and MC Stan. In one of the episodes, we have seen Abdu and Manya’s pillow fight which was quite adorable. She was also seen having conversations with MC Stan many times in the house. Sajid, Shiv, and Gori shared a decent bond with her in the BB16.

Celebrities' views on Manya Singh in Bigg Boss 16 House

Manya's deteriorating comments about the television industry, as well as her rude and proud statements about her accomplishments, were unrelated to the audience, and many actors felt that the comment was uncalled for. Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Arjun Bijlani, Kamya Punjabi, Vishal Kotian, and many more tweeted about their opinions on the same. When she was asked in an interview after the eviction about people’s aggression on her rude statements being in Bigg Boss 16 house, she commented that she is currently unaware of them. Speaking about audience retaliation on Sajid Khan’s entry in Bigg Boss 16, she stated everyone deserves a second chance and we should give that to Sajid too.

Manya Singh was a good contestant, and it was really amazing to watch her on one of the biggest reality shows in the country.

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