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Abdu Rozik is the winner of Bigg Boss 16 for the audience

Bigg Boss 16 started on 1st October 2022 on Colors Tv and this year we have seen many known television personalities not only from India but from foreign countries as well. Bigg Boss 16 contestants definitely brought some entertainment and fun to this season. Archana Gautam, Priyanka Choudhary, and Shalin Bhanot are definitely providing a lot of content to entertain but Abdu Rozik is standing out from all the contestants and stealing the show with his pure heart and ultimate cuteness.

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Abdu Rozik, Bigg Boss 16 contestant.
Abdu Rozik in Bigg Boss 16 House

Abdu Rozik was declared the star of the season by the audience at the start of the game itself. Many celebrities and ex-Bigg Boss contestants like Gauahar Khan, Rahul Vaidya, Vishal Kotian, and many more are amazed by the cutest contestant of Bigg Boss 16.

About Abdu Rozik

Abdu Rozik is the world's tiniest vocalist who hails from Tajikistan and Abdu rozik’s age is 19 years old. He has a medical condition called rickets, where height stops growing after a certain point. He is a great fan of Salman Khan and he will soon be seen in Salman Khan's upcoming movie Kisi ka Bhai, Kisi ki Jaan. His song Chota Bhaijaan is not only loved by the audience but by Bigg Boss himself too.

To get more insights about Abdu Rozik, read this blog.

Abdu Rozik Journey in Bigg Boss 16 House

With his entry on the stage, his pure and genuine smile was loved by the viewers. Despite his health condition, we are seeing him showering only love, kindness, and a fun-loving aura in the house. The bonding of Priyanka, Shiv, and Sajid with Abdu is what engages the audience's attention. As we all know, sometimes to grab attention and for cameras, contestants show fake emotions but Abdu’s genuinity and cuteness differentiate him from others and is therefore titled the star of the season. He believes in harmony and fun, so he chooses to entertain the audience without fights and arguments which is generally preferred by most of the Bigg Boss contestants. He loved the task of #ShutupArchana because fights and constant arguments with other contestants are something that Abdu hates.

Enormous Love from the Audience

#AbduRozik has already started trending on Twitter after getting support from Bollywood celebrities. His cute videos, FanVms goes viral within a few seconds on social media which proves that he is the most loved BB16 contestant. The audience is comparing him with Bigg Boss 13's most loved contestant Shehnaz Gill and wishes to see them together as their cuteness will definitely bring great fun to the show.

If his craze continues in the Bigg Boss 16 house, he will definitely be in the top 5 contestants at the end of the season.

Abdu Rozik’s Bond with Bigg Boss 16 contestants

From the start of the season, we have seen Abdu spending the majority of his time with Sajid Khan because he can’t speak Hindi and Bigg Boss appointed Sajid as his translator, their fun banter and bond looks very cute. In the most recent episode of Weekend Ka War, we saw Sajid Khan accuse Abdu of being monotonous and Ghamandi to whom Abdu responded by taking adorable revenge. Viewers also commented on Sajid’s motive when in the reel task he chose Mc Stan over Abdu. Is Abdu Rozik being used by #metoo prime defendant Sajid Khan or there is a genuine connection between these two veterans? Nevertheless, his bonding with Shiv and Priyanka seems to be pure and viewers love the trio. Apart from them everyone else loves and cares for him but the audience wants clarity on whether they consider him a tough competitor or just another contestant. Tina used Abdu by flirting with him and recently due to her forceful hug it seems Abdu might distance himself from Tina. The only contestant he can’t relate to is Archana because of her constant arguments and fights yet they share a cute bond.

Tina Datta gets trolled for forcibly hugging Abdu

Abdu is 19 years old and fans want contestants to treat him the same but his cute gestures towards Nimrit, Soundarya, etc sometimes make female contestants take advantage of him. Tina Datta was seen flirting with Abdu since day 1 of the show, but recently she forcibly hugged him which was a little uncomfortable for him. Abdu was seen neglecting her and getting away from Tina. Viewers couldn’t handle this and trolled Tina Datta over various social media platforms for being insensitive towards Abdu.

Abdu Rozik wins the hearts of the audience with his dialogue

Abdu Rozik is not only loved for his gestures but also for his maturity. He was seen encouraging McStan with his broken English ‘‘Life can’t always be happy, there are sad moments also”, he added that on social media people troll him and use words like Kachra for him but he chose to ignore them all. Many times, he shared his views with Bigg Boss 16 contestants and gave some life lessons to them and the audience couldn’t stop themselves from falling for his sensibility.

Do you think Abdu Rozik can make it to the finale? Let us know in the comments.

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