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Bigg Boss 16: Abdu Rozik got his first enemy in the show

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Bigg Boss 16 has entered Week 4 and now the real game is seen between the contestants. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Season 16, a nomination task took place, and many contestants found out the real faces of those whom they considered friends. Abdu Rozik got nominated for the first time in the Bigg Boss 16 house. This game was a shocker for his friends, Shiv, Gori, Sajid, and MC Stan.

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Abdu Rozik from Bigg Boss 16
Bigg Boss 16 contestant Abdu Rozik

Bigg Boss gave the task to the contestants in which two contestants would be given a chance to nominate any one of the participants with mutual consent. Abdu, being the loving and most cheerful contestant, was not expecting to be nominated by his friends, although he understood the fact that he too is a part of the show and would eventually be in danger. Sumbul and Gautam were given a chance to nominate Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Abdu Rozik, and they chose to nominate Abdu.

Priyanka Chahar was declared Abdu's Dushman

In the task, Priyanka claimed that Abdu is not that great at decision-making and Shiv or Sajid constantly manipulates him for his individual decisions too, which is not a good sign of a strong contestant in Bigg Boss 16. Abdu didn't like Priyanka's claims, and then he mentioned that he had two Dushman(enemies) in the house, the first being Priyanka and the second being Sumbul because they claimed to be Abdu's friends but eventually nominated him, which hurt him a lot. Abdu stated that Priyanka asked Ankit not to put ghee on Abdu's roti, and now he feels that all her love was fake. Sumbul constantly tried to apologise to him for nominating him.

MC Stan and Shiv cried because of Abdu Rozik

After getting nominated, Abdu was quite angry with the contestants, but then he shared his opinion with his friends Shiv, Gori, and MC Stan. They all thought that Abdu was being used by the housemates and shouldn't have been nominated. Although Abdu was smiling, his real friends could feel the pain of betrayal and started crying. MC Stan and Shiv promised to be by his side till the end of the show and would never break his trust. Shibdu fans started Twitter trends after yesterday's Bigg Boss episode, and everyone feels that the bond that they share is the most genuine one in the house.

The audience's reaction to Abdu's nomination

After episode 25 of Bigg Boss, all social media sites were flooded with different opinions regarding Abdu's nomination. Many of the Bigg Boss fans feel that now Abdu will play his game and understand whom he should consider as a friend, while some feel Priyanka's statement was not wrong and that to save herself she needs to put some points against Abdu. Some viewers claimed that Abdu was fake for three weeks and now, following his nomination, he would reveal his true side.

Along with Abdu Rozik, the other contestants who got nominated are Gori Nagori, Tina Datta, Nimrit Ahluwalia, Gautam Vig, Soundarya Sharma, and Shiv Thakare. If you want to save your favourite contestant, Bigg Boss 16 voting lines are going to be open on

What do you think about Abdu's nomination? Please leave a comment below.

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