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Abdu Rozik became a thief in Bigg Boss 16 Circus themed house

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Abdu Rozik, a social media star from Tajikistan, has once again grabbed headlines with his own style of being witty. However, this time he entertained the audience not with his cuteness but with something very unexpected. In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 16, Abdu became a thief on Salman Khan’s order.

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Abdu Rozik in Bigg Boss 16
Abdu Rozik became a thief in Bigg Boss 16 Circus themed house

The Friday Ka Vaar episode began with Salman Khan entering the house and taking over as Bigg Boss for the day to provide the BB contestants with fascinating and difficult tasks.

Serving juice to the other participants depending on their characteristics was the first task. Following that, Salman invited Sajid Khan to the confession room and gave him a secret task to take some of the valuable belongings from the housemates and hide them in the storeroom. Guess who joined Sajid as a partner in crime? It was no one but Abdu Rozik, who is the crush of every female contestant in BB 16.

The Tajikistan singer-rapper stole the items, acting sweetly and cutely in front of the housemates without letting them know that he was performing a task.

Salman then gave Sajid another entertaining task to do. Now, Sajid had to keep Abdu hidden in the common area and persuade the other housemates that Abdu Rozik is missing! Everyone got tense after knowing this and started finding Abdu. After 30 minutes, Salman arrived at the house with Abdu and Salman had a word with the participants, and scolded them for their inappropriate behaviour in the previous week.

Abdu Rozik: A Superstar in Real Life Despite Disabilities

Abdu Rozik's life hasn't been easy since he was diagnosed with rickets and a lack of growth hormones, which meant that at age of 5, his hormones stopped developing which eventually led to improper growth. His family had very little money, therefore they were unable to pay for his disorder's treatment.

Abdu started to write his own songs and created his own lyrics to shut out criticism and negativity. Since he was unable to read or write, he started to homeschool himself. Later, when singing on the streets of Tajikistan, a member of the UAE royal family noticed him and offered to fund him. This gave Abdu Rozik an opportunity to develop his abilities and explore the globe.

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