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Will Anupama regret choosing Kinjal over Paritosh?

In the latest Anupama episode, we see that Kinjal decides to move in with Anupama, and Toshu shamelessly talks about not finding himself guilty of his deeds. Anupama tries to balance herself and her responsibilities towards Anuj, Work, Chhoti Anu, Kinjal, and the baby.

Will Anupama be able to manage all this chaos and be the same emotionally?

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Anupama serial 22nd September 2022 written update
Anupama to choose between Kinjal and Anuj.

Source Anupama 22nd September 2022 written update

In today’s Anupama episode, Kinjal slams Rakhi that she always screams about everyone’s faults but was silent when her daughter’s married life was on the verge of breaking. Leela warns Kinjal not to go to Anupama’s House instead she will call her to Shah house to which Kinjal reminds Baa of her discriminating behaviour towards Anupama and never considering her to be a daughter other than the tough times.

Samar meets Toshu stating that everyone is worried about him, to which Toshu reminds him that he believes they are worried about Kinjal and not him. He says that Anupama is the reason for his worries and asks Samar to video call him and show a glimpse of Arya. After knowing that Kinjal moved to Kapadia House, he claims that now Anupama will provoke her to divorce Toshu. Toshu blackmails Samar that he will attempt suicide.

Kinjal apologises to Anupama that she has become a burden on her and should not have come to the Kapadia house. After constant calls from Toshu, she is stern about not talking to him and Anupama explains to her that she can live in the house for as many days as she wants and decide about Arya and her future on her own. Barkha meets Kinjal and shows fake sympathy and ignites doubts and hatred with her words and asks Kinjal to take a firm decision of divorcing Paritosh because of her husband’s infidelity at such a young age.

Upcoming Story of Anupama Serial:

Anupama will juggle between Kinjal and Anuj’s responsibilities. Arya’s continuous crying makes Kinjal panic and on the other hand, Anuj falls and gets injured.

Anupama is in a dilemma about whom to help first.

Will this scenario be a call for Anupama’s new miseries?

We will get to see all the new challenges that Anupama will face now in the upcoming episodes on Kraze written updates.

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