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Written Update of Anupama- Anuj gets jealous of Vanraj & Anupama

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Anuj is informed by Vanraj and Anu that Kinjal has given birth to a baby girl. He notices that Vanraj accidentally grabbed Anupama's shoulder and becomes jealous.

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31 August 2022, Written Update of Anupama

Anu questions Samar about Toshu's location at the start of the episode, to which Samar informs Anupama that his phone is not reachable. When Anu calls Anuj to tell him that Kinjal has been blessed with a baby girl, the chhoti Anu is overjoyed. On the other hand, Baa asks Vanraj to give money to the nurses since she is now a great-grandmother.

Kinjal with baby girl in Anupama show
Kinjal gave birth to a baby girl

When Pakhi, Vanraj, and other family members ask Anu how the newborn baby looks like, “Like an Angel," she responds. The doctor gives them an update on Kinjal's condition and mentions how Anupama helped her tremendously because Kinjal was afraid. When Vanraj and Baa learn this, they thank Anupama, but she tells them that Kinjal is her daughter too.

Kinjal and the newborn meet the family

The moment Vanraj and Anu see the infant up close, they start to cry. Anu then places a video call to Anuj so they can see the baby too. Anuj notices that Vanraj accidentally grabbed Anupama's shoulder and becomes envious.

The family later runs to Kinjal and expresses gratitude to her for making them happy. When Kinjal inquires about Toshu, Samar replies that his phone is unavailable. She is subsequently comforted by Anu, who also lets her know that Rakhi will arrive shortly. The nurse then brings the baby girl into the room and gives her to Kinjal, and everyone is super excited.

Upcoming story of Anupama

Rakhi is overwhelmed to see her granddaughter. While asking about Toshu, she enquires whether Anupama is aware of what Toshu is doing.

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