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Here are the reasons why Anupama is No.1 in India

The StarPlus television show Anupama has created a massive feminist movement. Every generation from students to old-aged, from kids to Women is loving the show. On the Internet, we have seen how fans get crazy about the series' twists, conversate about each plot turn, and document audience reactions. No doubt, this show is now hosting the flag of the No.1 show on the TRP list of India.

Here on Kraze, we have some points which will help you find out why Anupama is the No.1 show on Indian TV Cinema.

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Rupali Ganguly as Anupama in Anupama Serial
Rupali Ganguly as Anupama

Evolution of Women’s Opinion and life

The main character of the Anupama series, Rupali Ganguly, is depicted to evolve from a naïve and family-oriented woman to a passionate individual who has aspirations and stands up for her self-respect. The classic saas-bahu storyline has been replaced by a more liberal storyline in the show. Anupama serial completed 700 episodes but is still maintaining its top spot in the TRP list.

Experiment with Storyline.

The story of a 40-year-old woman fighting her husband's infidelity, gaining the courage to leave her 25-year marriage, and giving a second chance to fall in love with her schoolmate Anuj, this narrative is surely something that appeals to the audience.

For ages, we have been seeing women entitled as great Sanskari Bahu only when she protects their family against evils and villains, keeping their own opinions and desires aside but the Anupama series broke such stereotypes by showing a woman who fights social norms, learns to love herself, starts her own business, and everything which shows a sign of the family-oriented yet independent woman.

Male characters have their own dynamics.

As we all know how male protagonists of the show turn irrelevant as the story progresses in any Indian Tv serial, but in Anupama, we love how Vanraj, Toshu, Samar, and Anuj characters have their own distinct personalities. Vanraj is not seen as the usual lovey-dovey husband but someone who has a grey shade of himself and his own flaws, likewise Anupama’s son Paritosh is a carbon copy of his father, and Samar is the one who loves and supports his mother in all possible situations.

Each character is not toxic for viewers to watch on the screen which is quite refreshing. Anuj’s supportive attitude towards her wife is definitely what everyone admires the most and inspires from.

Sudhanshu Pandey and Rupali Ganguly on the success of the show

Sudhanshu Pandey believes that the success of the show is because of all the unique characters that the Shah family has and everyone relates to them whereas Rupali Ganguly feels that women can see a glimpse of their own mother in Anupama and they connect to the character and story on multiple levels.

Here are some of the things that can be portrayed better by the makers.

  • We can’t relate to one of the facts in this show that women are only encouraged and appreciated when they are able to manage homes along with their professional careers. However, there are a lot of women who manage their professional careers in the best way and are unable to devote themselves to household activities equally. We will expect equal respect to be shown for such women from India’s No.1 show.

  • The typical behaviour of Leela towards Anupama after the many faults of her son and grandson is not a good message to convey to the audience.

After addressing all the facts and reactions of the audience, the USP of the show is its unique characters, experimental storyline, and the acting skills of Anupama’s cast. The TRP of nearly 4.5 every week is surely big proof of the massive success this Hindi TV show has achieved.


Comment down below your reason to watch Anupama Serial.

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