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Kinjal to file a divorce in Anupama Serial?

In the latest episode of Anupama, we witnessed how Kinjal was constantly in a dilemma to make a decision. Leela and Vanraj tried to convince her to come back to Shah House. Paritosh blackmails Shah with his fake suicidal attempt which became a worrisome situation for the Shah.

We at Kraze will give insights into the upcoming story of India’s highest-rated TV series Anupama.

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Nidhi Shah as Kinjal Shah in Anupama serial
Kinjal to divorce Paritosh

Anupama Serial Upcoming Story

In the last few episodes, Kinjal was betrayed by her husband Paritosh after she delivered their baby girl Arya. Anupama revealed her son's extramarital affair in front of the family during the naming ceremony of Arya. Shah's and Kapadia stayed strong with Kinjal.

She was in complete shock and pain, so after Vanraj disowned Toshu and kicked him out of Shah's house, Kinjal decided to stay with Anupama to get some mental peace. According to some sources, after many discussions, Kinjal will finally decide to divorce Paritosh. Kinjal was seen going through a phase where decision-making was not easy for her but finally, we will see a massive twist in the show.

Anupama and Anuj will wholeheartedly support Kinjal in her decision whereas it will be interesting to see will Vanraj and Leela support Kinjal in this decision.

Anupama’s journey after divorce has faced many ups and downs and she will definitely be one of the strongest support systems. Will Paritosh attempt suicide again to blackmail Kinjal? Will he ask for Arya’s custody?

Anupama Serial holds a lot of drama and entertainment for the audience.

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