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Anupama upcoming twist: Anuj awakens from coma & confesses the truth

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Anuj and Vanraj's accident really disappointed the fans. For a very long time, they were curious and perplexed, waiting for the truth behind the mysterious tragedy to be uncovered. But they don't have to, not anymore. Today's episode of Anupama will finally unveil the reason behind the duo's terrible accident.

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After Anuj and Vanraj get terribly bruised falling off the cliff in a strange mishap in Episode 651, they got hospitalized. While Vanraj survives the accident, Anuj suffers a severe brain injury and falls into coma.

Anuj Kapadia in Anupama comes out of coma
Anuj awakens from his coma and confesses the truth

Anupama latest gossip

In today's episode, Anuj begins to blink his eyes. Anupama claims that Barkha and Ankush began a Mahabharat in which they are both Shakuni and Duryodhan; however, they failed to realize that Krishna will always appear at the time of Mahabharath. She bows to the statue of Bal Gopal. Anuj wakes up and starts to shake his hands and mouth. He calls Anupama. When GK notices this, he tells the nurse to call Anupama right away. Anupama is told by the nurse that Anuj is calling after regaining consciousness. Hearing that makes Anupama and Shahs happy, but Kapadias is surprised. Anu clings to Anuj while crying and claiming that her Kanhaiya has come back. Anuj yells out her name and calls her constantly.

Anuj informs Ankush and Barkha that they overstepped all bounds by exposing their true selves and attempting to take advantage of him. He is given the floor to speak. According to Ankush, they don't need his business and are concerned for him. In any case, they are giving family members legal notice; Anuj claims he will formally extricate them from his firm. Barkha accuses Anupama that she is supporting Vanraj who has pushed Anuj off the cliff.

Anuj reveals the truth about the terrible accident

After reprimanding Barkha and Ankush for their greedy behavior of sending a legal notice to Anupama as soon as he recovers from the fatal brain injury, he stands up for Vanraj and proves his innocence. He stands by Vanraj and tells everyone that instead of pushing him off the cliff, Vanraj actually traded his life to save him.

Anuj recalls the incident and acknowledges that while Vanraj is mistakenly viewed as a villain, the truth is different. As they stood on the edge of the cliff, Vanraj asked Anuj to send Adhik back to the United States since he doesn't want to start a new relationship with the Kapadia family. That's practically impossible, according to Anuj. Vanraj claims that because he will soon be a grandfather, he does not want the Shah and Kapadia families to reunite. That is not conceivable, Anuj says while shaking hands. Vanraj threatens to take drastic measures.   Anuj leaves his hand and slips down the cliff.   He is being held by Vanraj. Anuj asks him to move away. Vanraj tells him he can't. Both of them fall off the cliff.

Do watch the next episode of the Anupama serial steaming Live on Hotstar to find out How would Anuj punish Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik for troubling Anupama?

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