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Will Anupama tell Vanraj about Paritosh's affair?

Since the promo release of Anupama Serial, we all have been waiting to see Anupama’s reaction to Paritosh’s infidelity. Anupama Serial is clearly making things more interesting for us day by day.

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Rupali Ganguly as Anupama
Anupama Learns about Paritosh

12th September 2022 Anupama Written Update:

In Anupama’s today episode, Ankush is alerted by Barkha that Paritosh will probably be involved in some drama given Rakhi's attitude. Anupama suggests delaying the ceremony for a bit keeping in mind Anuj’s health. He urges her not to worry about him because he is feeling okay.

Barkha taunts Anupama to carry out the duties of a grandma and let them handle Anuj. Anupama gives a befitting reply that they don't need to look after Anuj as long as she's around.

Anupama realizes Rakhi is still angry and inquires about the same.

Baa scolds Chhoti Anu for dropping thali near the baby however Meenu accepts that she dropped it accidentally despite ignoring chhoti Anu's warning not to do so. Baa is then reprimanded by Hasmukh for her hypocritical behavior, and he asks her if she will now reprimand Meenu and Dolly.

Anupama counsels Baa on morality and begs her not to chastise Meenu and Dolly at this time. Chhoti Anu is excused by Leela, who claims that her grandmother is simply stupid and not malicious. Meenu and Chhoti Anu give her a big hug instead when she apologizes.

In an effort to irritate Anuj, Barkha claims that Leela acted badly by yelling at Chhoti Anu while remaining silent about Meenu because Meenu is biologically related, according to Ankush.

Shahs and Kapadias then perform a dance while deciding on the baby's name. Kinjal asks the baby’s Grandparents for their name suggestions. They both immediately suggest Arya. They all follow the ceremony and give the child the name Arya Paritosh Shah.

Anupama picks up Toshu's phone after spotting it on the ground.

She learns about Toshu's affair that despite only having known her for three days, she has traveled from Rajkot to Ahmedabad because she truly misses him. She ties this back to Rakhi's remarks and actions toward Toshu and figures it all out. Samar commands everyone's attention by announcing that the baby's father wishes to speak. Toshu claims to have a bucket list, but it has since been replaced by just wanting to spend as much time as possible with Kinjal and Arya. He apologizes for being a fool for considering her child to be a burden and expresses gratitude to everyone for taking care of Kinjal while he was gone.

Anupama takes Paritosh away from the pretext of lighting the Diya. Rakhi is concerned if Anupama knows about the affair.

What will happen next in the Anupama serial?

Toshu claims that he, too, is a man with needs and because he couldn't meet those needs at home, he went looking for them outside. Anupama claims that because he stooped so low, she will now talk confront him as a woman and not a mother.

Anupama's upcoming story has glued us to our television screens to witness her reaction.

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