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Anupama Upcoming Twist | Pakhi and Adhik’s intimate video to go viral?

In the latest episode of Anupama, we witnessed a lot of drama in the Shah and Kapadia house. Kinjal is yet to make the decision for her life. What will Paritosh’s next move be? Rupali Ganguly starrer Anupama serial will have more entertainment and drama for the audience.

We at Kraze will give you insights of the upcoming story of India’s highest-rated TV series Anupama.

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Adhik Mehta and Muskan Baamne as Adhik and Pakhi
Adhik and Pakhi Intimate Moment

Anupama Serial Upcoming Story

The romance between Pakhi and Adhik will take a new turn. We are all aware of the disapproval of the Shah family over their relationship, but Adhik is unwilling to leave Pakhi because he plans to control her and use her against Anupama and Anuj. Ankush, Barkha, and Adhik are all involved in this plan.

Some sources have stated that Adhik has manipulated Pakhi and gained her trust. Pakhi and Adhik will now cross their limits and share an intimate moment together which will be secretly recorded by Adhik. Barkha and Ankush will blackmail Anupama with this video and target Anuj to get their part of the property.

It will be entertaining to see how Anupama handles this battle. Will she give up in front of Barkha for her daughter's sake or fight back and inflict heavy damage on them?

Choti Anu will be the target of Paritosh in the upcoming twist in the Anupama Serial. In order to get revenge on Anupama, he would kidnap her. Toshu accuses Anupama of destroying his family, and in the most recent promo, he has threatened to do the same to Anupama. Will Paritosh go beyond what he can handle? Will Anupama kill her own kid because she threatened to display her Kali roop during this Navratri if Toshu doesn't stop using wicked techniques in the promo?

The show will turn into a different angle with loads of twists, and the audience will undoubtedly get a more interesting story. Anuj and Anupama’s relationship will definitely go through some rough phases while tackling the different situations. Kinjal’s journey after Toshu’s betrayal is definitely something we all are eager to watch.

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