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Anupama Written Update: Anuj regrets that his brother cheated on him

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Fans, especially those who continue to support their favorite #MaAn, were thrilled over the most recent Anupama episode. Anuj Kapadia was finally reunited with Anupama in the episode after being in coma for days due to the cliff tragedy. Anuj decided to kick Barkha and Ankush out of the house despite their repeated attempts to apologize to him and Anu for what they did.

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Anupama 26 August 2022 Written Update

Anuj asks Anupama on how she handled everything on her own without him. When he recovers, she promises, he'll learn the truth. Ankush and Barkha approach Anuj to speak with him. They beg him to listen to them just once in order to save them from being thrown out of Kapadia house. They initiated this regretful situation for them, according to Anuj. Anuj's health becomes worse while he interacts with Barkha and Ankush.

Anupama 26 August 2022 written episode update
Anuj wants to send Ankush and Barkha away

On the other hand, Leela reveals that she is planning Samar's wedding. When Samar hears this, he becomes irritated and informs Leela (Baa) that she cannot compel him to get married. Samar is supported by Vanraj and Hasmukh as well. Leela is nonetheless sure about her choice. Samar is annoyed by this and leaves the house.

Anuj desires to send Ankush and Barkha away

Anuj regrets the reality that his own brother cheated on him. Something happens to Ankush as Barkha calls Anupama for help. Ankush pretends as if he is having a panic attack and claims he will only be okay if Anuj accepts his apology. They will do anything for that, according to Barkha. Anuj demands that in order to stay at his house, Ankush and Barkha must apologize to Anupama by bending down with their hands folded. Adhik sees Pakhi and expresses displeasure that Anupama and Anuj believe he is a part of Barkha and Ankush's conspiracy and have been given an ultimatum to leave the Kapadia residence. Pakhi questions his actions as well. Adhik emotionally blackmails her into agreeing to her for going to United States. He adds that since things between Anuj and Vanraj are now good, he thought about talking to them about his and Pakhi's wedding.

Upcoming story of Anupama

Anupama receives an apology from Barkha and Ankush, as seen in the precap. Vanraj won't listen to them when they go to see the Shahs later. Anuj is unable to lift his right hand.

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