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How Abdu Rozik and MC Stan share a bond in Bigg Boss 16 house?

Bigg Boss 16 has finally premiered on Colors TV with a bang, and fans are already glued to their TVs to see what will happen next and who will have the most controversial fights with whom! Till now, This show has faced 2 rounds of captaincy and 1 one elimination which was not as smooth as expected. There are several well-known actors from the show, including Tina Datta, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, Sajid Khan, and others however, Abdu Rozik and MC Stan are the contestants that have captured everyone's attention.

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Abdu Rozik and MC Stan in Bigg Boss 16 house
Abdu Rozik and MC Stan share a bond in Bigg Boss 16 house

Abdu Rozik and MC Stan become best friends in Bigg Boss 16 house

On Day 6, fans saw MC Stan and Tajikistan singer Abdu Rozik develop a connection. MC Stan, who was feeling down and wanted to go home, was cheered up by Abdu Rozik. MC Stan claimed that since he was leading a very comfortable life before joining the house, he never “desired money or fame from the show” to which Abdu Rozik replied, “Outside, my name is Abdu Rozik and I am a celebrity but here we all are the same. Here you are working, cleaning, doing all your work, and understanding. You won't always be a superstar or have money. There can't be people always around you doing your work.” Abdu Rozik and MC Stan's heartwarming conversation impressed the viewers.

Salary of Abdu Rozik and MC Stan in Bigg boss house

Abdu: The Tajikistan musician Abdu Rozik makes millions of dollars each year through his Instagram and YouTube accounts. According to sources, he receives lakhs of dollars for these partnerships. On Instagram, Abdu has more than 5.1 million followers. Whereas in the Bigg Boss 16 house, the 19-year-old Abdu Rozik reportedly charges Rs 3-4 lakh for his weekly appearance.

MC Stan: MC Stan, is one of India's most popular and youthful hip-hop rappers from Pune. Although the rapper is young and inexperienced, he makes a substantial amount of money. According to the reports, Stan makes thousands of dollars each month from his YouTube channel alone. Whereas in the Bigg Boss 16 house, Indian rapper and lyricist, MC Stan, is reportedly getting paid Rs 7 lakhs per week.

Abdu Rozik and MC Stan face off in the season's opening task

A talent-based competition was announced by Bigg Boss, and the winning team gained unique permission to change the housemates from their designated beds as they choose.

Bigg Boss declared that this competition is between Tajikistan singer Abdu Rozik and rapper MC Stan, who must make reels with the contestants. The managers have been assigned to both rivals. Shiv Thakre was Abdu’s manager while Sumbul Touqeer was MC Stan’s. The managers had to convince everyone to work for their artists as their performance partners.

Ultimately, MC Stan and his Manager Sumbul won the task because they were able to create more videos with the housemates.

Abdu Rozik has been quite an entertainer since Day 1, whereas MC Stan has been seen getting emotional several times on the show. However, viewers have mixed feedback for each of them and love them both. In the coming days, it will be intriguing to see if Abdu Rozik defeats MC Stan in terms of fan following. Comment and let us know who you follow and want to see more in the Bigg boss 16 Circus-themed house.

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