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Will Vanraj kick Paritosh out from Shah House?

Finally, Rupali Ganguly aka Anupama revealed Paritosh’s affair in front of everyone. The event came as a shock to the members of Shah house but Paritosh being casual about his mistake made the audience furious.

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Rupali Ganguly as Anupama & Aashish Mehrotra aka Paritosh in Anupama
Anupama reveals Paritosh's affair

Source Anupama 15th September 2022 written update

Meenu and Anu go out of Shah House to have candy floss. Paritosh declares to give a pet name to Arya, short form of Paritosh which is Pari. Rakhi thanks God that Anupama is keeping mum about everything.

Toshu promises Kinjal that he will be the world's best husband and father & will get all of life's luxuries for them, and will work so hard that even if he is away from them or arrives home late, Kinjal should never doubt him.

Anupama gets furious at Paritosh’s words and yells at him to have some shame. Rakhi tries to stop her from revealing Toshu’s ugly truth in front of the family. She apologizes to Kinjal and states that Toshu's actions have made her seem bad and he hasn't even shown regret for his actions.

Everyone inquires about the reason behind her outrageousness towards Toshu. Toshu claims that there is nothing.

Anupama queries whether having an extramarital affair with a different lady, spending time with her in a Rajkot hotel room while pretending to be in Mumbai for an interview, and avoiding Kinjal when she needed him the most was nothing. Hearing all this breaks Kinjal, and she queries Toshu as to its veracity. Rakhi accuses Anupama of destroying the lives of her kids.

Toshu warns Anupama to quit lying. Kinjal, shattered by this news, asks Toshu to swear on their daughter’s life if he isn’t not lying, which he refuses and hence everyone gets shocked about his affair. Vanraj exclaims how he can not learn from his past mistakes. Toshu claims that he doesn’t even know the girl's name and he still loves Kinjal. Toshu terms it as just a fling and as a man he has his physical needs because Kinjal was pregnant. Anupama slaps him for passing such insensitive comments about a girl and still shamelessly accepting the mistake with pride.

Upcoming Story of Anupama Serial

For his transgression, Vanraj slaps Toshu. Kinjal agrees to forgive Toshu on one condition if she too will have a fling.

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