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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to trade/ play on Kraze app?
    Yes, on Kraze app, all payments & withdrawals are 100% secure. We have bank level AES-256 encryption for additional security.
  • How to deposit ?
    You can go to Kraze wallet & enter the amount you want to add. You can use any payment methods including UPI, cards,etc. Deposits are instant, 100% free & secure.
  • How to win money on Kraze?
    After you have selected the event & invested in an outcome, There are 2 ways in which you can win money. 1. Wait for settlement - Every event will be settled at settlement time. If your prediction matches the exact result at settlement, you win. 2. Sell your holdings early - Keep checking the event for price changes of Yes/No. Once you find the right price, you can sell all or part of your holdings to book profits/ reduce losses.
  • Are my winnings instant ?
    Yes, when the event settles or you sell your matched holdings, your net winnings get instantly added to your wallet. You can check your passbook on the app for more details.
  • How can I withdraw my winnings?
    You can quickly withdraw all your net winnings from the app using UPI or bank transfer. Withdrawal will be initiated instantly & money will get credited to your UPI/bank account in 24-48hrs.
  • How can I reach out if in case I need any help?
    For any support, we provide super fast support on WhatsApp & email. Check out support section on the app.
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