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Nimrit Kaur Alhuwalia
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Abdu Rozik
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Ankit Gupta
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Priyanka Chahar chaudhary
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MC Stan
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Archana Gautam
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Shalin Bhanot
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Soundarya Sharma
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Shiv Thakare
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Sumbul Touqeer Khan
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Manya Singh
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Gori Nagori
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Sreejita De
Tina Dutta
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Sajid Khan

Bigg Boss Contestants Salary

Bigg Boss 16, one of the most controversial reality shows, is back on television on Colors TV from October 1, 2022. This season is hosted by Salman Khan who has charged quite a heavy amount for the season. Bigg Boss 16 started with a bang and 16 contestants are competing against each other to win the Bigg Boss 16 winner trophy. 


Because many controversial and popular celebrities were reported to be participating, this season has already generated a huge amount of buzz, and hence contestants have demanded a big fat payment fee for the show. Find the information on how much Bigg Boss 16 contestants are charging per week on Kraze.

Sumbul Touqeer Khan

The highest-paid contestant of Bigg Boss 16, Sumbul Khan is known for her lead role in the StarPlus serial Imlie. As per the reports, she is charging nearly 12 lakh per week to stay in the house. Her per-week salary is more than the BB15 winner Tejasswi Prakash. 

Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan was accused of the #Metoo movement four years back by many actresses in the Bollywood and TV Industry. As per the reports, he agreed to be on the show for Rs 5 lakh per week as his fee. 


Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta is an Indian television actor best known for his role as Fateh Singh Virk in Udaariyaan is certainly charging 5-6 lakhs per week in Bigg Boss 16. He seems very silent on this show and who knows his silence can lead to higher achievement on the Show.


Priyanka Chahar Choudhary

Udaariyan fame Priyanka Chahar Choudhary is charging around 5 lakh per week salary to entertain the BB16 viewers.


Tina Datta

One of the most highly awaited participants, Tina Datta, was approached for the show almost every year before she decided to join Bigg Boss 16 in exchange for a weekly income of about 7-8 lakhs.


Manya Singh

Manya Singh was announced as VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 1st Runner Up at the age of 19. After Sumbul, she bagged the show with 8-9 lakh Rupees per week as her payment. She is the second highest-paid contestant after Sumbul.


Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia

Nimrit made her acting debut in Colors Tv Choti Sardaani as Mehar is charging nearly 8 lakh Rupees per week to bring some fun to the show.


Dr. Soundarya Sharma
Soundarya Sharma is a dentist by profession and now she entered Bigg Boss 16 by charging Rs 3 lakh per week as her salary. As per the sources, she is the least-paid contestant of this season.

After Week 1, viewers are curious to see whether the players can justify their presence considering the fees they are charging.

Bigg Boss Details and Telecast time


Bigg Boss(Hindi) Season 16

Start Date

1st October 2022

Live on

Colors TV

Telecast on


Hosted By

Salman Khan



Telecast Time

Weekdays-Monday to Thursday 10.30 pm

Weekend: Friday (10.30 pm) 

Saturday-Sunday(9.30 pm)

Most Popular Seasons in the history of Bigg Boss:

Bigg Boss 16 has already started and we all are excited to see how this season will be different from the previous ones. The format of the show is quite similar to the International tv reality show Big Brother.

Bigg Boss Season 13

Bigg Boss 13 was one of the most successful and popular seasons of all time. Bigg Boss typically lasts three months, but BB13, which aired on Colors TV for approximately 140 days, was the longest season. The show launched on 29th September 2019 with one of the best contestants like Siddharth Shukla, Shehnaz Gill, Asim Riaz, Rashmi Desai, etc. The season was filled with all shades of life like friendship, love, jealousy, hatred, etc. The grand finale of Bigg Boss 13 premiered on 15th February 2020 declaring Siddharth Shukla as the winner of the season whereas Asim Riaz was announced as the runner-up of  BB13. Shehnaz Gill and Siddharth are truly the most loved Jodi from the season. The transformation of Asim Riaz and Siddharth Shukla's friendship into rivalry is what gave BB13 its popularity. After Bigg Boss 4, the highest  TRP was gained by Bigg Boss 13.

Other successful Seasons:

Apart from Bigg Boss 13, Bigg Boss 4, BB11, and Bigg Boss 5 were loved by the audience.

Flop Season of Bigg Boss:

Bigg Boss 12 was the least liked season out of the 15 seasons. Dipika Kakar was the winner of the season. 


Every season had its own distinct impact on the viewers. From Rakhi Sawant, and Hina Khan to Shehnaz Gill we were entertained by these personalities on our favourite reality show.

Prize Money of Bigg Boss winners

Bigg Boss is the most loved Indian reality show. The love and fame that Bigg Boss winners receive is just amazing. Due to the show's twists and turns, it is quite unpredictable to receive a fixed amount so according to the sources, from the first winner Rahul Roy of the most popular reality show, to season 5 the winners of the show bag the prize money of 1cr. After Bigg boss 5, winners like Urvashi Dholakia, Prince Narula, Gauahar Khan, and Manveer Gujar received 50 lakhs and then BB11 winner Shilpa Shinde received 44 lakh rupees as Vikas won 6 lakh at the end of the season. Dipika Kakkar, Bigg Boss 12 winner won the prize money of only 30 lakhs as Deepak Thakur left the show by taking 20 lakh back home. Siddharth Shukla won 40 lakhs, Rubina Dilaik winner of BB14 won 36 lakhs and Rahul Vaidya was the runner of the season, and Season 15 winner Tejasswi Prakash won 40lakh rupees as Nishant Bhat left the show with 10 lakh rupees. The first season of Bigg Boss OTT that was hosted by Karan Johar was won by Divya Agarwal and she bagged the prize money of Rs 25 lakh.

Price Money
Bigg Boss Season 1
Rahul Roy
1 crore
Bigg Boss Season 2
Ashutosh Kaushik
1 crore
Bigg Boss Season 3
Vindu Dara Singh
1 crore
Bigg Boss Season 4
Shweta Tiwari
1 crore
Bigg Boss Season 5
Juhi Parmar
1 crore
Bigg Boss Season 6
Urvashi Dholakia
50 lakh
Bigg Boss Season 7
Gauahar Khan
50 lakh
Bigg Boss Season 8
Gautam Gulati
50 lakh
Bigg Boss Season 9
Prince Narula
50 lakh
Bigg Boss Season 10
Manveer Gurjar
50 lakh
Bigg Boss Season 11
Shilpa Shinde
44 lakh
Bigg Boss Season 12
Dipika Kakar Ibrahim
30 lakh
Bigg Boss Season 13
Siddharth Shukla
40 lakh
Bigg Boss Season 14
Rubina Dilaik
36 lakh
Bigg Boss Season 15
Tejasswi Prakash
40 lakh

Bigg Boss 16 Online Voting options

loved host in Bigg Boss history, Salman Khan. With some jaw-dropping moments and surprises in store, this season looks to be the most thrilling yet. Bigg boss's new tagline, "Game Badlega Kyunki Bigg Boss Iss Baar Khud Khelenge," gives us an idea of how much fun the game will be this time around. While, there will also be a lot of new activities for the contestants which can save them from elimination, their fans will not sit idle but give their effortless contribution to keep them safe from Bigg Boss exit. Viewers may now cast a vote for their favourite contestant in an attempt to save them from getting eliminated sitting at home without any additional charges. As per the show format, contestants who receive the maximum votes are saved, while those who receive the least votes are eliminated. 

Everyone can begin voting for BB 16 online on the Voot App on every Wednesday, and the last day to vote is every Saturday at 9:00 p.m.  Please note that proxy votes are not permitted; only viewers who have registered on the Voot app can vote.

Steps to Vote Online using Voot for Bigg Boss 16 Eliminated Candidates

  • Visit or download the Voot app to get started.

  • Select the Bigg Boss 16 link on the homepage.

  • Enter information such as Name, contestant name, and reason for Supporting the contestant.

  • Submit the form to finish the voting process.


You can use the direct link given below to vote online for your favourite contestant-

Official Bigg Boss 16 Voting Link - Click Here

Steps to Vote Online using My Jio app for Bigg Boss 16 Eliminated Candidates-

  •  Download and Upgrade the MyJio App from the Google Playstore / iTunes.

  • Open and log in with your Jio Mobile Number / Email address.

  • Go to the “Engage” section now, then click the Bigg Boss 16 picture.

  • Select the nominated contestant you wish to save.

  • After selection, click on the SUBMIT button.

  • You will then see this notification on the page- “You have successfully submitted your vote.”

Verdict on “Are Bigg Boss Seasons Scripted?”

The most popular reality TV show in India, Bigg Boss, is no less than a sack of entertainment. According to the advertisements, this season's game will also have numerous twists and turns like there won't be any order in the house, and Bigg Boss himself will reveal his true shades to the contestants. Additionally, we'll witness a few wildcard contestants that will enter Bigg Boss Season 16 in the middle of the game.


While the show provides its viewers a dose of entertainment, rumours also make their way to enter regarding Bigg Boss and the show pattern, and the most talked rumour has always been i.e., if the show is scripted. The answer to this question is slightly more complicated than one might imagine. The show is mostly about actual life, even though it does have a predetermined plot. The candidates' conduct is mostly based on what actually occurred at that time and was physically captured on camera in real-time. Most of the show is just a narrative of actual events as they happen in front of your eyes.

In a video shot by Colors TV, Salman Khan, aka Bajrangi Bhaijaan star, also revealed that the question about the show being scripted is what he’s tired of answering and the actor requested that people should stop questioning whether the show is scripted. He said, “Scripted hai ya yeh log apne ghar wapas jaate hai, aisa kuch nahi hai” (This show is neither scripted nor do contestants go back home). It would be best if everyone stops raising these queries. You are not permitted to leave the property once you enter.

Bigg Boss S16 Theme

Every year, Bigg Boss intrigues the viewers with a different theme, and this season, the participants will stay in a home with a circus theme. The most wanted home features a dreamlike grandeur and a classic circus theme, with BIGG BOSS himself serving as the ringmaster. This season, designers Omung Kumar B. and Vanita Omung Kumar have created a stunning dreamland.

The main garden area has been decorated to resemble a circus's backyard. In the circus's backyard, the restrooms are decorated as tents. Additionally, there is a glass cubicle area in the home where candidates can sit and possibly exchange secrets. Pinocchio's two enormous legs support the cubicle above, while his feet act as a seating area. A Maut ka Kuaa and an elaborate mezzanine level may also be seen in the BIGG BOSS mansion. The dining room is a colourful carousel, and the confessional resembles a travelling circus. The home includes every element of a circus, including clowns and a carousel.

The massive Captain's room is a lavish area with a jacuzzi, a king-sized bed, a private bathroom, private seats, and many other amenities. For the first time, there are four individual bedrooms, each with its own atmosphere and conveniences. With the bedrooms being placed in a hierarchy of comfort, this version departs from the custom of having 15 seasons. The Fire Room is a dangerous environment that resembles hell and will test each contestant's resiliency. This room is the least comfortable, with low-lying beds and shared storage space. Every component of the Black & White Room is black and white, including the wall, table, carpet, and floor.


What is the official website to vote for your favourite Bigg Boss 16 contestants?

Visit to Vote for Bigg Boss 16 Contestants.


Who announces the Bigg Boss 16 evicted candidates?

Bigg Boss 16 Evictions are announced by Host Salman Khan.


When is Bigg Boss 16 Elimination 2022 announced?

Bigg Boss 16 Eliminations are announced on the Saturday of every week.


Is Bigg Boss a scripted show?

Salman Khan said Bigg Boss is not scripted: 'We cannot control how the contestants react.'


What is the theme of Bigg Boss 16?

The 16th season of Bigg Boss will reportedly have the theme “circus" in it. The extravagant circus-themed set is designed by Omung Kumar, who creates the BB mansion every year.


When was Bigg Boss 16 Started?

Bigg Boss 16 was started on 1st October 2022 on Colors TV. 


Who is the person behind the Bigg Boss season 16 voice?

Atul Kapoor is the man behind Bigg Boss voice


Who is the highest-paid contestant of Bigg Boss 16?

Sumbul Touqeer Khan is the highest-paid contestant, nearly charging Rs 12 lakh per week.


Who is known as the King of  Bigg Boss?

Siddharth Shukla, winner of Bigg Boss 13 is the King of Bigg Boss.


Which is the most popular season of Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss 13 was the most popular and successful season in the history of all the seasons.

Latest News On Bigg Boss

Nimrit Kaur Alhuwalia
Abdu Rozik
Ankit Gupta
Priyanka Chahar chaudhary
Mc Stan
Archana Gautam
Shalin Bhanot
Soundarya Sharma
Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia main.png

Nimrit Kaur Alhuwalia

Nimrit Ahluwalia, an Indian actress, model, lawyer, and social activist, was born on December 11, 1994. In February 2018, she won The Tiara Queen at TGPC. Later, in 2018, she was named Colors Femina Miss India Manipur. She appeared in Choti Sarrdaarni as Mehar which was her acting debut also did music videos like Maastani and Serious

Famous for: Choti Sardarni

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Relationship status: Unmarried

Hometown: New Delhi

Family:Father: Surpal Singh Alhuwalia Mother: Inderpreet Kaur Alhuwalia Brother: Arpit Singh Alhuwalia

Status: Confirmed

Abdu Rozik main.png

Abdu Rozik

Abdu Rozik's true name is Savriqul Muhammad Roziqi. He was born on September 3rd, 2003, and is a boxer, singer, musician, and blogger from Tajikistan. Due to his rickets condition, he currently holds the title of being the world's smallest vocalist. With songs like "Ohi Dili Zor" (2019), "Chaki Chaki Boron" (2020), and "Modar" (2021) he launched his career. He will soon be seen in Salman Khan's movie Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan

Famous for: He is well-known for his 350k-subscriber YouTube channel Avlod Media. In addition, he is well known for his Meme Burgir and his conflict with Hasbulla.

Height: 3 feet 1 inches

Relationship status: Single, Unmarried

Hometown: Gishdarva, Tajikstan

Family: Parents and two younger siblings (1 brother and 1 sister)

Status: Confirmed

Ankit Gupta main.png

Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta is a well-known actor in the television business best known for playing Fateh Singh Virk in Udaariyan. With the part of Dr. Abhishek in Balika Vadhu, he made his acting debut. Tutiya Dil marked his film debut. His character of Garv Thakur, who he played in Begusarai is also very well known by his fans.

Famous for: Udaariyan, Parth Kashyap in Sadda Haq

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Relationship status: Single

Hometown: Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Status: Confirmed

Priyanka Chahar chaudhary main.png

Priyanka Chahar chaudhary

On August 13, 1996, Priyanka Chaudhary, a well-known television actress and model, was born. She began her career in Punjabi film with a few music videos. She later received the lead part in Gathbandhan in 2019. As Tejo, she gave a standout performance in Udaariyan.

Famous for: Udaariyan, Gathbandhan, Kandy Twist, Lateef to Laden